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Water – the basis of life and of creams

No life could exist without water. It covers around 71 percent of our “blue planet” and we humans are also largely made of water – as much as 75 percent in infants and approximately 60 to 70 percent in adults. When we get older, this figure falls to around 45 to 50 percent. The chemical compound of oxygen (O) and hydrogen (H) is present in all areas of life, from food technology to power generation to art and even cosmetics. Water is moreover the only substance on earth which occurs in significant quantities in all three physical states: solid (ice), liquid (water) and gaseous (vapour).

Information about water

  • INCI name (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients name): Aqua
  • Natural
  • Uses: Lip care, creams, lotions, cleansing waters, shampoos, etc.
  • Special properties of water: The “elixir of life”, dilutes various substances, makes substances kinder to the skin, helps to smoothen the skin

Water and skin

Water is essential for our bodies and for our skin in particular. It plays a role in numerous processes. Adequate moisture in the skin ensures among other things that it remains supple and smooth. It also supports the skin’s barrier function. Keeping the skin optimally moisturised is the key to a healthy and beautiful complexion.

Importance of water in cosmetics

Creams are essentially a mixture of water and fat. Water is therefore an important basic ingredient in many care products. It is also used to dilute a product’s active ingredients. This dilution is often an important prerequisite to ensure good tolerance. Certain substances can only be added to care products and cosmetics if they have been dissolved in water beforehand. In addition, water makes it easier to apply the care products all over the skin.

Incidentally, the manufacturers of cosmetics do not simply source their water from the ordinary mains system. Instead, they usually rely on distilled water since it is free of microorganisms and minerals.

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