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Soybean fatty acid – small bean, big impact

Soybean fatty acid is obtained from soybean oil. This vegetable oil is mainly used as a culinary ingredient and it is especially popular in Asian cuisine. It is characterised above all by its mild and nutty aroma, which makes it well suited as an ingredient in cosmetics products as well as in cooking. Apart from its pleasant smell, soybean oil has other beneficial properties for the skin, including in particular the power to make lips and skin softer and more moisturised.

About soybean fatty acid

  • INCI name (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients name): Soybean Glycerides
  • Natural (soybeans)
  • Uses: Lip care, skin cream, bath oil
  • Special properties of soybean fatty acid: Softens the skin, moisturising, carrier for vitamins

The growing popularity of soybeans

The demand for soybean products is rising. Since the 1970s, no crop has seen a higher increase in the need for agricultural land than the soybean. It ranks as one of the world’s most important oil seeds. It has a long history: Soybeans were cultivated as crop plants in Japan as long ago as 3050 B.C. Soy is a good source of protein and is fairly similar to animal protein, which marks it out as different to other plants.

What is contained in soybean oil?

The main components of soybean oil are oleic acid and linoleic acid. Palmitic acid and stearic acid are also present. All of these fatty acids are also found in human skin, and they are involved in important natural processes in the body.

Effects on the skin

The high-quality fatty acids in soybean oil make it a popular ingredient in body care products. The linoleic acid contained in the oil is said to support the skin’s natural acid mantle, making the skin more resistant to external stress factors. It can also help to regulate the moisture levels of the skin. Soybean oil can help to soften and smoothen the skin, and it can also facilitate the transport of fat-soluble substances through the skin barrier.

The statements about properties, effects and effectiveness made here refer exclusively to the plant and its components/products.

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