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Ghee – the jewel of Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, the traditional Indian art of healing, ghee is regarded as a valuable foodstuff and remedy. The golden substance is also frequently used in Ayurvedic massage. Also known as clarified butter, it is considered to be a healthy alternative to ordinary butter. This form of fat is characterised in particular by its high proportion of saturated fatty acids and vitamins.

Naturally beautiful skin

Ghee brings a number of benefits in skin and lip care. Since it is a natural product, it is usually suitable for all skin types, and no unpleasant side effects have been discovered to date. The high-quality fats it contains help to condition and smoothen the skin. Ghee is also often used in massage due to its relaxing and warming effect. It contains vitamins that can help to enhance the appearance of the skin and also bind to cell-damaging free radicals. This helps to counteract premature ageing of the skin.

Information about ghee

  • INCI name (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients name): Ghee
  • Natural
  • Uses: Creams, massage oils
  • Special properties of ghee: Moisturises the skin and protects it against dehydration, has a relaxing, warming and smoothening effect on the skin

When was ghee first used in cosmetics?

The positive qualities and potential of ghee were first discovered in India several millennia ago. They are firmly embodied in Ayurveda, the wisdom or knowledge of life. On the basis of this wisdom, it is used in health and cosmetics products and applications. Ghee is therefore an important component of a holistic therapy which includes not only the skin but also the body’s internal organs.

The majority of cosmetics available on the market will not contain ghee in their list of ingredients. It tends to be an exclusive ingredient and is mainly found in select natural cosmetics.

The statements about properties, effects and effectiveness made here refer exclusively to the plant and its components/products.

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