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About Us

The word JADOO is Indian in origin and translates as “magic”. Our aim is to provide care products that not only support the skin in a particular way, but also deliver a real wow factor – a magical experience for lips, skin and body. We have set very high standards for ourselves, deciding to use exclusively natural ingredients and a unique Ayurvedic supportive care formula in our products to caress the skin and lips, leaving them soft, supple and irresistible. As well as dermatologically tested skin compatibility, JADOO products are developed above all to give a sense of well-being. We believe that good skincare should have a lightweight feeling and should not be overpowering. This magic is immediately noticeable with JADOO.

How JADOO came about?

All good things begin with a vision. The desire to launch an Ayurvedic cosmetics range began to take shape at JADOO back in the 1990s. The idea has been a constant companion since then. This mission to give JADOO a unique edge required a lot of careful thought, intensive development, and passionate dedication to both planning and implementation. We have collaborated with Ayurvedic specialists since 2017 to develop the exceptional care formulas found in JADOO products and finally bring our exclusive range to the market. 2020 marks the start of an innovative new chapter with the range of lip balms brought to you by JADOO.

Our philosophy

The market for care products is huge. JADOO’s mission is to offer high-quality products with a unique Ayurvedic supportive care formula. Our focus is on natural substances; we do not use artificial additives or paraffin. We are also guided by nature and sustainability, and strive to keep things natural when it comes to the packaging of our JADOO products. This is important for the generations to come, and it is why we use as little plastic in our care products as possible.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a traditional medicine practice with origins in Indian culture. When translated, Ayurveda means the “knowledge of life” or the “wisdom of life”. In other words: It provides the knowledge for a long, happy and healthy life. In Ayurveda, traditional and modern systems are intertwined, which means that it still applies today in many areas of our lives. An Ayurvedic way of life is all about taking a holistic approach to physical and emotional well-being and taking the harmony between nature and its laws into consideration – a life of balance.

According to the principles of Ayurveda, illness and malaise are the result of internal imbalance. Holistic therapy follows many different individual approaches, including self-awareness (meditation), yoga, breathing techniques, a balanced and type-appropriate diet, and detox regimes.

The exceptional Ayurvedic supportive care formula in our JADOO products intensively cares for and conditions lips and skin.

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