The high-quality care formulas of JADOO treat the lips to the goodness of nature without artificial additives. Our unique Ayurvedic supportive care formula gives a traditional Indian flavour to our exclusive range of JADOO natural lip care products.

Our Products

Jadoo Cosmetics

Our Products

Discover our range of delicately fragranced lip care products: From fruity mango to Caribbean coconut and from gentle rose to sweet vanilla.
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Natural ingredients

Gentle care for supple lips: JADOO products contain exclusively natural ingredients. Find out more here about their strengths and special properties.
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What is Jadoo?

The word “jadoo” is Indian in origin and means “magic”. You can feel this magic directly on your skin with our natural care products. Find out more about us here and about the history behind the JADOO brand.
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Uniquely JADOO

-JADOO Cosmetics-

Unique Ayurvedic supportive care formula

The magic of JADOO lies in the unique Ayurvedic supportive care formula. Finely balanced Ayurvedic ingredients intensively care for and condition the lips.

"Click-to-open" mechanism

The innovative opening mechanism of JADOO lip balms prevents the stick from opening by itself and covering the contents of a handbag with balm. One click of the button releases the cover from the stick.

Eco-friendly packaging

Our love of nature and keeping things natural is also reflected in our JADOO packaging. Sustainability is important to us, which is why we use as little plastic as possible in our products, relying on it only for a few individual components.

Dermatest certification

The skin compatibility of JADOO is dermatologically tested. This was confirmed by the independent Germany-based dermatological institute Dermatest®.